Power Point Installation Perth

Do you need extra powerpoints / RCDs installed or replaced? We can help!

We are sure that you have experienced the same issues that many Perth homeowners face and have far too few powerpoints for home appliances, phone chargers, modems and outdoor use. Often the number of powerpoints needed in your home or office is overlooked and you don’t realise how many outlets you need until you’re looking for one!

We have some great options available and can install these powerpoints quickly without any hassle to your day. Our powerpoint and RCD solutions will make your life easier and these include power points with USB ports, double powerpoints, powerpoints with switches and 15 AMP powerpoints for heavy machinery use.

We can also run safety checks on your existing powerpoints / RCDs to ensure everything is working as it should and is not hazardous.

If you need a powerpoint installation quote, just get in touch and we will assist, consult and offer you best solution for your lifestyle and workplace requirements.