Smoke Alarms Perth

Smoke Alarms Perth

When was the last time you tested to see if your smoke alarms work?

Do you clean your smoke alarms to ensure they detect smoke early enough to prevent fires?

Did You Know:

  • Smoke alarms make a warning ‘beep’ or ‘chirp’ when there is a fault or when the battery is low. Before changing the battery, check with the manufacturer’s instructions. The chirp may also indicate the smoke alarm has become contaminated. If after changing the battery the smoke alarm continues to sound a warning ‘beep’ or ‘chirp’, the smoke alarm may be faulty and require replacement.
  • A licensed electrical contractor is required to disconnect or install mains powered smoke alarms.
  • Mains powered smoke alarms may give a low battery warning after periods of extended mains power outage. You should
    be aware that rechargeable batteries may need a few days to recharge after the mains power is restored. If your smoke alarm
    does not have a rechargeable battery you will need to replace the battery. Check with your manufacturer if you need to replace the battery or if the unit will recharge.


Smoke Alarm Maintenance For Rental Properties

If you are renting or hiring your property you are required to maintain your smoke alarms in working order, and ensure they are less than 10 years old.

We recommend the following maintenance routine:

  • Check the alarm(s) are firmly secured in the correct location as stated in the Building Code of Australia requirements. (Double sided tape is not acceptable)
  • Check the required power source is connected and operating. Where mains powered smoke alarms are installed, they will have a green visual display / light to indicate that mains power is connected. This should be easily seen when standing beneath the alarm.
  • Test the smoke alarm during routine inspections, or at least every six months
  • Check the smoke alarm(s) for a build-up of dust and cobwebs
  • Vacuum around the smoke alarm vents with a soft brush at least every 6 months
  • Use a surface insect spray around the smoke alarm to prevent insects nesting inside. (Do not spray directly onto the smoke alarm)
  • Check the smoke alarms are within their service life. Smoke alarms require replacement every 10 years. The date for replacement is often located on the unit.
  • Replace batteries yearly (where the smoke alarm has a user-replaceable 9V battery) – always refer to the manufacturer’s guide when selecting batteries and follow testing procedures.
  • Cleaning with a vacuum cleaner (at least once a year) to remove particles that will affect smoke alarm performance.
  • We recommend you undertake this maintenance routine at EACH inspection. Landlords and property managers should keep records of maintenance.


Smoke Alarm Maintenance For Tenants

  • Test the alarm monthly by holding down the test button until you hear a loud alert tone, then release. Use a broom handle if you cannot reach but be careful you do not damage the smoke alarm.
  • Not to tamper with alarms or place any obstruction to restrict airflow to the alarms, including paint or tape
    Check the green visual display light is lit up. This shows that the smoke alarm is connected to the mains power.